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Springing Into Action: Fresh News and Blooming Stories🌸🌼

Before April officially comes to a close, we must celebrate all of the blooming stories that are going on at BCCP. From strides made in music class, exclusive film releases, and painted portraits, Artsfest, and Family Picnic Day, we have so many beautiful things to share. Keep Scrolling to stay In the know!


You Alright? – Exclusive Digital Premiere

Last month, the talented students of Robeson High School unveiled their compelling documentary, "You Alright?" We're bursting with pride at their accomplishment and creativity. Congratulations are definitely due! A big round of applause goes out to teaching artist Jade Sacker, Program Director Sashane Simms, and Program Assistant Shemar Alexander for their outstanding leadership and mentorship throughout this journey. 💚 Now, we're thrilled to announce the exclusive digital premiere of "You Alright?" on our YouTube channel. Sit back, press play, and immerse yourself in their powerful storytelling. Don't forget to like, comment, and share the video to spread the inspiration!

What's Going on In Art Class?

As the year draws to a close, students have been diligently crafting projects to exhibit at this year's ArtsFest. From painted portraits to intricate assemblage art, their creative endeavors promise an array of captivating works. Scroll down for a sneak peek at what ArtsFest has in store!

A note from Visual Arts Teaching Artist Shira: We are starting a new project and are painting our self-portraits! Our portraits are going to be inspired by the artist Amy Sherald, with our skin tone in shades of grey and a flat colorful background!


A note From Artspeak Teaching Artist Barby: Students have explored elements of art and design principles, resulting in the creation of assemblage art. This involves assembling diverse materials, like found objects, wood, paper, and metal, to craft three-dimensional pieces. Through this project, we emphasized sustainable art and the reuse of materials. 

Music Highlight

Each day, students are honing their skills and sharing valuable tips to elevate their craft. Dive into these music clips showcasing the remarkable progress made by students in the Music Production class led by Teaching Artist Evan Gemmel.

College Access

At BCCP, one of our core missions is to facilitate college access. This month marked a significant milestone as we welcomed students back to our BCAL center for in-person sessions on college prospects and pathways. It was a momentous occasion, marking one of the first times since the onset of COVID-19 that we could engage students directly in our space. We're thrilled to see our mission in action and eagerly anticipate our upcoming college tours.

BCCP, backed by Brooklyn College's Psychology Department, strives to make college a reality for young people. Our flexible, relationship-based programs meet students where they are, supporting academic and personal growth. The Brooklyn College Experience, expanded to all NYC schools, offers campus tours, art-based workshops, college talks, and more. We also provide in-school College Access Intensives over several weeks, emphasizing practical, social, and emotional aspects. Our goal is to equip students with lifelong tools for success.

Led by Makerspace Director Erica Robinson, students delved into various activities during the session. They created mini models, posed questions about college and scholarships, and had the invaluable opportunity to explore the Brooklyn College campus firsthand.

Save the Date!

The year is coming to a close and we have so many exciting events to commemorate this school year. Be sure to Mark your calendars for Artsfest and Family Picnic Day!


Save the date! On May 29th, 2024, we'll be hosting a special event to celebrate the incredible achievements of our students. While official invites will be sent out soon, be sure to mark your calendars now. Our students have poured their hearts into creating art pieces, perfecting dances, and achieving milestones, and they can't wait to share their accomplishments with family and staff alike. Join us to witness the remarkable journey of your student this year.

Family Picnic Day!

More details to come


🌼 Happy Spring! 🌸

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