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Fresh Start: A January Update and Intro into the New Year

It's never too late to wish you a Happy New Year, so here we are! In this Edition we are giving you an intro to our year. Meet some of our Team, take a Poll, travel with us to the @BrooklynMuseum, and dive into the past with the #BCCPtimecapsule.

1...2...3... BLAST OFF, let's go!

Allow Us to Reintroduce ourselves

We are thrilled to continue our Meet the Team series. This series provides a glimpse into the talented individuals who drive our organization's success. Get to know the faces behind our innovative projects, and learn about their passions, expertise, and contributions to our mission. This month meet Murphy Applin, our Theater teaching Artist at Exceed

Meet Murphy | Theater Teaching Artist at Exceed

My name is Murphy Lorenzo Applin Jr., and I am a multi-hyphenate artist living here in Brooklyn. I act, sing, write, direct, and love to teach and inspire young Black and brown children to discover and venture onto their creative journeys.  

Fresh Look & New Features: Revamped Instagram Page Updates

Our gram is where it's at. BCCP is on a mission to grow our social presence and we need your help! Don't miss out on the latest updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and exclusive content! Follow us on Instagram to stay connected with our vibrant community, exciting projects, and upcoming events. Join the conversation, engage with our posts, and be part of our journey. Tell your friends, friends of friends, and family to follow @welcometobccp to see all of the beautiful news that is BCCP.

POLL: Your opinion matters and we are listening. What type of content would you like to see more of?

What kind of content would you like to see more of

  • More personable videos with students talking directly to us

  • Keep the newsletters coming

  • I want to get to know about the people behind the mission

  • Art projects and Inspirational Pieces

For any specific suggestions, feel free to email

Artful Excursions : A journey to the Brooklyn Museum

Project Peace students took a visit to the Brooklyn Museum to see the Egyptian and Asian Art Galleries. During the excursion a photo scavenger hunt took place where we found symbolic artifacts and sculptures.

Preserving Moments: The Time Capsule Series #Bccptimecapsule

Embark on a nostalgic voyage with our Instagram series, "#Bccptimecapsule." This unique series delves into the archives of BCCP projects, unearthing forgotten moments and timeless creations. Join us as we relive projects from the past. Each post is a captivating chapter in our shared journey through time and creativity, sparking memories and celebrating the enduring spirit of education and artistic expression. Let's rewind the clock and relive the magic together! Recently we shared student film project created by the 2022-2023 8th Grade Artspeak class. Check it out below!

🎥 The film is titled: The Human Foot print and is a commentary piece on pollution

This piece was created by students : Abby Whetzle, Eldridge Felton, Ellie Bar-Lev, Sofia Miller, Lila Piel and Anya Esking
Thank you for joining us in this January Edition. As always, we are so happy to have you. Be sure to subscribe If you haven't already and follow us on instagram @welcometobccp and facebook!

See you next month!


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