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Exciting February Recap: Afterschool Activities and Achievements!

This February was filled with new and exciting Afterschool activities. From an Afterschool Media day, Printmaking activities, and documenting visual moments, students aren't failing to stay busy! Read along for a Recap of our best February yet plus a special content surprise. #welcometobccp


Community Roots Basketball Media Day 🎉 🏀

We are thrilled to share images from the first-ever Media Day for the girl's and boys basketball team at Community Roots Middle School. Basketball team members gathered in the auditorium to show off their winning moves on camera. Students had a blast and cheered one another on while images were taken. We hope to keep this tradition alive In the years to come and continue to show the spirit of sports in Afterschool.

📸 Documentary, Photography, and Filmmaking class's latest works

Jade Sacker is our Teaching Artist for the Documentary, photography, and filmmaking class at Robeson High School. Her students have been working to learn their way around the camera and ways to tell visual stories through the lens. Here are some of the Robeson student's favorite images from the year thus far! Stay tuned for the premiere of their upcoming documentary.

🖌️Printmaking with Artspeak Teaching Artist Barby

A huge shoutout to Teaching Artist Barby Beauvais for helping our Artspeak students explore and practice new art forms. This month Artspeak students experimented with blending colored pencils and exploring various color schemes. Their compositions were inspired by artist Charles Demuth’s strategy of utilizing lines and shapes to separate the composition, changing how light interacts and affects the color of spaces and shapes.

✊🏾 Celebrating Black History Month with the #BCCPTIMECAPSULE

From trailblazers who paved the way for civil rights to visionaries who have left an indelible mark on art, science, and culture, we stand in awe of the remarkable achievements that Black history encompasses. Let’s embrace the diversity and unity within the Black community and beyond. Here’s to Black History Month—a time to honor the past, amplify the present, and inspire a brighter tomorrow! 🌟🖤

In honor of celebrating this month, we would like to share past student works that celebrate black history.

This project is titled “Beauty of Change” created by our 2022-2023 Artspeak students. This series combines found images from the BLM protests of 2020 and images photographed by our students throughout Brooklyn to showcase their representation of change and the beauties we can find through it.

This series was beautifully photographed and edited by

8th graders (now 9th graders ✨) Madison, Jazanie and Amy

Extra Extra! 🗞️🗞️ (the surprise we promised)

The Roots Times is the school-wide Newspaper powered and published by the Middle school Newspaper club at Community Roots Middle School. For a while now, Sylma Santori has been advising the Newspaper Club and exploring ways we can have a full-access digital copy for our community. Behold, the introduction of the Digital Roots Times! Download below for exclusive access to Middle School student-powered content. Explore art, culture, horoscopes and so much more!

The Roots Times 2nd Edition
Download PDF • 159.08MB

🚀 Join us on our initiative to grow the BCCP Instagram

BCCP is on a mission to increase our Instagram following. We set a goal to reach 246 Instagram followers by the end of April. Currently, Sitting at 221 followers, we are nearly there! Together this goal is 100% achievable, but we need your help! Head to @welcometobccp and give us a follow. In return, we promise to keep you up-to-date and give you premier access to all content BCCP.

💡Want to know more about the faces behind BCCP? Head to our Meet the Team page to get familiar with the dedicated individuals supporting BCCP.


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