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Keeping Up With The Latest: Updates You Shouldn't Miss

We have a new look and are so excited for you to see. Read along to Check out all things BCCP including our Service Learner Highlight and 5 fitness Tips from Coach Jay.

Introducing the New BCCP Website

The countdown is officially over. We are pleased to announce that on Thursday, November 2nd, BCCP launched the new website. We wanted to redesign a platform that allows us to best showcase our mission, and that is working with the youth. The site features exclusive works from our students over the years. We are so excited to continue sharing our mission with you all. Today marks the official launch of the BCCP newsletter. Be sure to share and subscribe to stay up to date with all things BCCP. We are so happy you are here!

BCCPs New Logo

Staying true to our identity but just with a little polish, we are introducing the new Brooklyn College Community Partnership logo. Highlighting our Colors of blue, yellow, and green with the silhouette of the Brooklyn Bridge we are continuing our mission of Building Bridges of Opportunity for our Youth. BCCP is dedicated to Elevating the Prospects of Middle and High School Students in Inner-City Urban Communities in Brooklyn, NY, for Brighter Educational and Career Futures.

Service Learner Program

BCCP collaborates closely with dedicated faculty members at Brooklyn College to offer students a robust service learning experience focused on youth development. This distinctive opportunity, an integral part of our mission, serves as a bridge between the broader college community and the diverse neighborhoods of Brooklyn where we are active. Click here to learn more about our service Learner program


Check out the Latest BCCP Field Trips

Anna Scott, our Multimedia teaching artist at the Explore Exceed site took the students to the Book of HOV exhibit located at Brooklyn Public Library.

The Book of HOV, is an exhibition chronicling the incredible journey and impact of the iconic Shawn Carter, universally known as JAY-Z. This exhibit, presented in chapters akin to a book, celebrates the phenomenal story of a man who turned adversities into stepping stones.

At the beginning of the Semester, students began exploring topics of multimedia by experimenting with digital cameras. During this field trip, students practiced using their cameras by taking photos of sites and one another.

5 Tips from Fitness Coach Jay

Sports are in session and we want to see you at your best. Read along for tips to keep you at the top of your game this season.

1. Remember to always stretch before taking part in any physical activity. Stretching helps to prevent injuries and loosen up your muscles for better physical performance.

2. Understand your body. There’s a difference between pushing yourself and overworking your body. Know your limits and slowly create new ones.

3. Always stay hydrated. Avoid soda or juice when participating in any physical activities as some of these drinks could cause further dehydration.

4. Show great sportsmanship. When competing against your peers, don’t do anything as a winner that you wouldn’t want to be done to you as a loser. Winning and losing is a part of sports; both are great lessons.

5: Lastly, get enough rest. The body will not be able to perform at peak ability if you are not getting the proper amount of sleep. Try heading to bed early the night before!

We want to see you in action! Tag @welcometobccp on game day so we can cheer you on!

Thanks for reading along. Are you liking what you see? Be sure to keep up with all things BCCP. Subscribe to the Newsletter.


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